Rwanda, Rutabo Village Organic

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A honey-processed village lot from Rutabo village, part of Rushashi Washing Station in Rwanda. It’s a delightful and very well balanced organic coffee consisting of the French Mission, Jackson, Mbirizi, Pop 3303/21 varieties.

Filter: As filter this coffee has a pronounced sweetness which is followed by delicate fruity and citrus notes and a full bodied mouthfeel and long aftertaste.
Espresso: As espresso there’s again an immediate delicate sweetness but the fruity and citrus notes are emphasised as well as some chocolate notes.

This coffee is organic and Fair Trade certified. The washing station places emphasis on women empowerment, and has won several Cup of Excellence awards.





Honey processed


French Mission, Jackson, Mbirizi, Pop 3303/21


Rutabo Village Lot, Rushashi washing station


1,700m – 2,000m

Tasting notes

Stone fruit, sugar cane, milk chocolate

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