Frequently asked questions

Italian espresso coffee is usually roasted pretty dark to get that roasted or burned flavour. The beans will be shiny and sometimes covered in oil. If you roast coffee for a long time it will become darker but you will also lose a lot of flavour nuances. The coffee we sell is very delicate and to bring out all the flavours we roast very light (just after first crack for filter, a bit longer for espresso).
Ground coffee ages very fast. You will notice loss of flavour setting in after 30 minutes. Even though we seal our bags, once you've opened it your coffee will start deteriorating. Secondly the type of grind you need depends on a lot of factors. For instance, a grind for filter depends first of all on the type of coffee, but also on the number of cups you make and your setup. If you really need ground coffee you can come by and collect your coffee so we can discuss the grind you need. But it will never be as good as grinding yourself.
No, there is nothing wrong, but you're probably under-extracting your coffee. Try grinding a bit finer until you get a nice balance between sweet and fruity flavours.
You can store your coffee for as long as you want but you want to drink it as fresh as possible. For filter roasts you can drink it after one or two days after roasting, for espresso it's best to wait at least five days.
We are located in the Biotoop in Haren. This is the former biology department of the university and now houses artists, small companies and residents.
Sure, but please contact us first to make an appointment. We're usually roasting on monday, thursday and friday.
We started at the end 2021 and officially openend march 2022.
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